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Welcome to the Certified Reference Materials catalogue of the JRC

This is the online catalogue for certified reference materials of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC). On this catalogue, you find the more than 800 CRMs of the BCR- and IRMM-brand as well as the ERM-branded materials that were produced by the JRC. More information on the ERM-consortium can be found on the dedicated ERM website.

To search for products, please use the box on the right side ≫

The "Search" allows searching in the CRM name, code, matrix description, analyte or specific keywords. Examples for valid search terms are:

"ERM-BB384", "bb384" (CRM code), "serum" (gives all serum materials), "salbutamol" (searching forcertified reference materials for salbutamol content) etc. Several terms (separated by a space) can be entered to search for all of these terms.


Catalogue of Reference Materials
BCR-431, Brussels sprouts 20g
BCR-380R, Whole milk powder 100g
BCR-383, Haricotsverts 100g
BCR-122, Margarine 200g
BCR-485, Mixed Vegetables 25g
BCR-121, Whole meal flour 50g
BCR-487, Pig's liver 15g
ERM-BD600, Whole milk powder 100g
BCR-644, Artificial Food Stuff 50g
ERM-BF410GN,GTS 40-3-2 SOYA (level 3 - nominal 10% GMO)
ERM-BF425D, SOYA 356043 (level 3 - nominal 10% GMO)
ERM-BF426C, SOYA 305423 (level 2 - nominal 1% GMO)
ERM-BF411F, Bt-176 MAIZE (level 5 - nominal 5% GMO)
ERM-BF414F, GA21 MAIZE (level 5 - nominal 5% GMO)
ERM-BF413GK, MON 810 MAIZE (level 3 - nominal 10% GMO)
ERM-BF415F, NK603 MAIZE (level 5 - nominal 5% GMO)
ERM-BF418D, 1507 MAIZE (level 3 - nominal 10% GMO)
ERM-BF416D, MON 863 MAIZE (level 3 - nominal 10% GMO)
ERM-BF424D, 59122 MAIZE (level 3 - nominal 10% GMO)
ERM-BF423D, MIR604 MAIZE (level 3 - nominal 10% GMO)
ERM-BF427D, 98140 MAIZE (level 3 - nominal 10% GMO)
ERM-BF420C, 3272 MAIZE (level 2 - nominal 10% GMO)
ERM-BF412E, Bt-11 MAIZE (level 4 - nominal 2% GMO)
ERM-BF436B, DAS-44406-6 SOYA (nominal 100 % GM0)
ERM-BF432D, DAS-68416-4 SOYA (level 3 - nominal 10% GMO)
ERM-BF433D, DAS-40278-9 MAIZE (nominal 10 % GMO)



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